Coexistence practices  and behaviour

The coexistance of riding and other activities such as farming, mycology or horse riding among others requires both riders and the rest of the users to behave respecfully. Respectful behaviour is an essential feature for both “Puro Pirineo” to be sustainable and riders to be accepted and respected in the environment.

To make cycling compatible with such activities it is necessary to be an example of both nature and cycling enthusiasts. To make this philosophy come true  “Puro Pirineo” offers you some tips to make respectful coexistence to become a reality.

Right of way and priority

The pedestrian path regulation concludes that the right of way and priority of the different users is:  1st hikers, 2nd jockeys, 3rd riders.

It is necessary to remember that herds of animals have priority over the rest of the path users. Iit is mandatory to stop and yield the right of way to them in order to facilitate their moves.

On downhill paths you will also not have the right of way. You must stop and yield. If other user decides to give you priority  you must express your thanks and continue.


Private property

The areas surrounding the different tracks are owned by local farmers. You must follow them avoiding to invade private land.

If you find any fence remember to close it after crossing. If you consider that the fence might become a dangerous element for the rest of riders let us know by sending an e-mail to or talking to the person in charge of the Information  Point.

Respect the environment

Puro Pirineo” routes are located in a fragile natural environment where many protected species can be found. Please, try not to disturb when riding and help us to protect them by not leaving any waste in the area.

To avoid soil erosion remember  to ride smoothly trying not to drift if possible.

Let’s make of MTB an example of environmentally friendly activity!


  • Remember to wear a helmet even when riding uphill.
  • Downhill riding requires the use of knee and elbow pads to prevent injuries.
  • When riding on a paved road use the right side of the road. Respect the traffic rules.
  • Try to avoid  riding  on a paved road if it’s dark. When doing it remember to use high- visibility clothing as well as front and back light.
  • Be cautious when riding on a gravel road. To fall when riding over 30km/h may cause serious injuries.
  • Get some information before starting and choose the ride depending on your technical skills and fitness level.
  • Dink and eat properly during the ride. The water flowing in high mountain areas have no minerals enough to recover the organism losses. Sports drinks and supplements are recommended for long rides.
  • Remember to check your bike before starting. Mechanical difficulties may cause an accidente.
  • If you often practice MTB we highly recommend you to get an insurance to cover the cost of treatment and rescue in case of accident. This advice is specially important for enduro and downhill riders. Local sports federations provide this service.


“Puro Pirineo” and partners are not responsible of the risk asociated to MTB riding such as falling, orienteering mistakes and non responsible practices.

Rides must be aware of their own physical and technical conditions being responsable of their own choices when selecting the different routes.

All routes are opened to vehicles, animals and hikers.

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