Practical information - BTT PURO PIRINEO
Practical information

Practical information

Practical information

Phone book

Castejón de Sos Health Care Center: 974 553 187

Graus Health Care Center: 974 540 500

Benabarre Health Care Center: 974 543 176

Barbastro Hospital: 974 313 511

Castejón de Sos Pharmacy: 974 553 204

Benasque Police Rescue Team : 974 551 008

Castejón de Sos Tourist Information Centre: 974 553 000

Seira Tourist Information Centre: 974 553 535

Emergency procedures


“Puro Pirineo” MTB routes  take place on a remote alpine rugged terrain which requires fast and cautious procedures in case of injury. Details of how to behave in case of emergency can be found below.

As a rule, it is necessary to follow a three steps protocol based on three basic principles: protection, alert and rescue. In case of an emergency that takes place besides a paved road or a track frequently used by motor vehicles it is important to protect first the victim. From the beginning, at least one of the group members must alert the moving cars that an accident occurred  in order to prevent the run over.

If external assistance is needed it is necessary to call the 112 emergency number so as to start the rescue. It is important to gather some information before calling in order to facilitate the rescue team performing: location, starting point, geographic coordinates, (GPS or Smartphone), access (if you know the route or you carry a map of the area) and extent of the injury.

If there is no need of external assitance first-aid treatment will be applied and if necessary the victim will be transferred to the nearest heath care center (Castejón de Sos, Graus) or hospital (Barbastro) to receive the proper treatment.

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