Introduction - BTT PURO PIRINEO



Puro Pirineo” is a local project developed by some of the local authorities belonging to the Ribagorza region in Huesca located in the foothill of Maladetas, Posets and Turbón massifs. The project was born in 2013 with the collaboration of Bisaurri, Castejón de Sos, Laspaúles, Sahún and Sesué councils. Right after that the councils of Benasque, Bonansa, Chía, Montanuy, Seira and Villanova joined the project becoming new partners, making “Puro Pirineo” one of the most atractive cycling areas of the Pyrenees.

These authorities understood from the beginning the importance of the role that green and sustainable MTB tourism plays which must be enhanced and promoted. Together with local authorities there are numerous companies that made an important investment being able to offer high quality services for riders.

“Puro Pirineo” is then a public – private project which aim is to develop common strategies in the promotion of the territory making “Puro Pirineo” to become a national and international MTB reference.

The enormous potential of “Puro Pirineo” together with the other Aragonese MTB centers “Zona Zero” and “Alto Gállego” might place the Pyrenees as one of the best MTB scenarios of Europe.

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