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Puro Pirineo” routes are signed following the Frech Cycling Federation criteria which is internationally the most popular and recognized one.

On the routes you will find two different types of signs:  “Puro Pirineo” MTB waypoints and the ones used by the local administration “Comarca de la Ribagorza” to set their own MTB routes. They both follow the French Federation standards being the corporative logos and stickers the only difference between them.

In some cases only one type of waypoint will be used to set both “Puro Pirineo” and “Comarca de la Ribagorza” tracks to prevent mistakes. The routes will be distinguished by the route number  and the color that indicates its difficulty. The design of the “Puro Pirineo” and “Comarca de la Ribagorza” route numbers is slightly different as described below. Following this short explanation you might be able to recognize “Puro Pirineo” tracks.


Waypoint review

Route number and difficulty

On the top left side of the sign you’ll find the number of the route which is different to the one used by “Comarca de la Ribagorza” due to its black frame and font style.


There are four different levels of difficulty gratuated by coloror:

  • Green: Beginner / Easy
  • Blue: Intermediate /Moderated
  • Red: Advanced / Difficult
  • Black: Expert / Very difficult

Direction and warning signs

On the route you can find different signs that mean:

icono11. Direction: They indicate “keep straight”, “turn left” or “turn right”. The top of the triangle indicates the direction you must follow. Two circles are on the bottom of the triangle.
icono2 2. Wrong direction: It indicates a wrong detour. Go back to the previous waypoint and search for the right direction.
icono33. Start: At the beginning of every route you’ll find this sign that includes the number of the route, its difficulty and the direction you must follow.
icono44. Warning: It indicates the presence of a dangerous element like a crossroads, falling danger or fence. Everytime you find this sign you must slow down and stop your bike if necessary.
icono55. Link: Sometimes it is posible to connect two different tracks. This sign indicates that connection. The procedure to read this sign is the same that you must follow to read direction signs. The top of the triangle indicates the direction to follow. Two circles are on the bottom of the triangle.


The logo that indicates the owner of the route is placed on the corner of the sign. You will find some  “Puro Pirineo” logos as you may find another ones from “Comarca de la Ribagorza”.

Informative board

At the start of the different routes you’ll find some informative boards with the description of the route, map, profile and technical information.

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