Ampriu's downhill - BTT PURO PIRINEO



Ampriu’s downhill

Tipo de ruta: One-Way trails

Distancia: 22,7km.

Seguimiento: Senalizada

Desnivel acumulado: -1450m.

Dificultad física: Baja

Dificultad técnica: Media

Tiempo estimado: 1 - 2 h

Terreno: Road-4WD track

Road: 4 km - 18%
Track: 18,7 km - 82%

foto puro pirineo

Ampriu’s downhill

This downhill MTB route begins at the Ampriu pass, which can be easily reached in summer with a mountain bike by the Cerler station cable car. The descent track is rather steep until it connects with the Labert track leading to Eresué. From there it goes level to Ramastué, later takes another track which goes down to Sos and continues descending before reaching El Ral meadows, not far from Castejón de Sos. Special attention must be paid to motor vehicles in all the descent.

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