The old path Chía-Sahún - BTT PURO PIRINEO



The old path Chía-Sahún

Tipo de ruta: Loop trails

Distancia: 23,7km.

Seguimiento: Senalizada

Desnivel acumulado: 600m.

Dificultad física: Media

Dificultad técnica: Difícil

Tiempo estimado: 2,5 - 3,5 h

Terreno: Road-4WD track-pathway

Road: 32% - 7,1 km
Track: 24 % - 5,3 km
Pathway: 44% - 9,8 km

foto puro pirineo

The old path Chía-Sahún

The forests of the Villanova municipality are some of the most beautiful of the Puro Pirineo area, Cantal de Arnaldico standing out among them. There we find some fantastic singletracks surrounded by an astonishing enviroment. All this paths are shared with hikers, so we should pay attention to prevent accidents. The route first goes easily through the villages at the bottom of the valley (Sahún, Sesué and Castejón de Sos) and then climbs by a local road to Chía and later to the pass situated over it. The subsequent descend through Cantal de Arnaldico is memorable, resulting a 5 star route.

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