Tozal de Puntons - BTT PURO PIRINEO



Tozal de Puntons

Tipo de ruta: Loop trails

Distancia: 11,6km.

Seguimiento: Senalizada

Desnivel acumulado: 350m.

Dificultad física: Baja

Dificultad técnica: Fácil

Tiempo estimado: 1 -2 h

Terreno: Road-4WD track-pathway


foto puro pirineo

Tozal de Puntons

The ascent from Laspaúles to Tozal de Puntons is an easy and pleasant route by high mountain landscapes, meadows and pine forests. It departs by N-260 and soon takes a local road which crosses the village of Suils. Just above Suils and close to a view point, a dirt road starts to climb up to the Tozal de Puntons. The first section is rather steep but soon it becomes flater and more enjoyable while crossing some forests and meadows. The same easy track descends from the Tozal to Neril, from where there are 2 options to return to Laspaúles: taking 3,5 km of the main road N-260 with extreme precaution or descending by a straight singletrack.

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